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    Coffee Nano Roasters

    Kafo Bona Viro is an authentic coffee nano roasters, dedicated, and highly focused on quality. We blend advanced technology with a detailed work ethic to produce outstanding gourmet coffee. Small batches of coffee are made daily, this ensures that you get maximum freshness and flavor. We source only micro lots, and all organic coffee beans, because that's right thing to do.

    Our Beans

    Delicious and Unique Coffee

    At Kafo Bona Viro, we are always on the lookout for great beans at small coffee farms. This allows us to bring you the most delicious and unique coffee from around the world. We roast single varieties which allow you to enjoy the unique flavors from different regions. Once you discover the breadth of flavors in a well roasted coffee, you'll see what we mean.

    Our Coffee

    Hand Picked

    We roast our coffee in small batches with custom made fluid bed coffee roaster. Our beans are delivered to us fresh, and from there we make sure roasting and grinding are done to perfection. By default we ground our coffee for final delivery, but if you wish to have them delivered as WHOLE BEAN, please let us know via email or text after you place the order. Thank you

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